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Solar Rooftop at NIST


Although we wanted to start an initiative that would produce widespread impact right away, we came to the realization that such change is produced over time. That is why we decided to start working toward urban sustainability in a community closest to us, our school. Sparing all the details, our initiative was able to raise capital and secure subsidies for 80 PV solar panels. In installing these panels at our school, we also provide many educational opportunities for students considering a study in a related field or are simply interested, which may inspire and precipitate similar projects in the future. The knowledge and experience gained throughout this journey is immeasurable, from working with a local corporation, negotiating agreements, raising capital, researching the logistics, and overseeing the implementation. As pioneers for a sustainable future, we aim expand our project within our campus and beyond, inspiring and educating, and hope others follow us in working toward a Solar Generation.